The story behind pitching Dave McClure and getting into 500 startups. From Croatia.

This is a story about how I pitched one of the most prominent VCs in Silicon Valley, and therefore perhaps in the world, and how that got us into one of the top 3 accelerators in the World. In my opinion, the top 3 being Y Combinator, TechStars, and 500 startups. There could be a big post and a debate of the criteria of these two statements, but I barely have time for this post, so I will leave this for you reader, in the comment section.

How did GOAP end up in Croatia anyway? Well, Matija from Farmeron who is #500strong, was rooting for Croatia, but Poland was also a contender. So they decided to have a tweetoff between the two countries. We were all tweeting how Croatia has cool startups, and how Nikola Tesla was born here. At some point, Croatian president Josipovic jumped on his Facebook page and invited McClure to come here. How epic is that? I’ve told this story a dozen times to startups around the world, and every single time people said our president is soooo cool. Do you hear that Croatians? People from outside Croatia think our president is cool.

McClure's reaction to the invite (too bad the URL isn't live anymore)

McClure’s reaction to the invite (too bad the URL isn’t live anymore)

The morning

It’s been 6 months since I started to take cold showers. I’ve read about it in two books, including Timothy Ferriss’s “Four-hour body”. Since I thought there was absolutely no way for me to take cold showers, I asked myself how bad do I really want it. So I gave it a shot. On a side note, don’t do what the smartest or wealthiest person tells you to do, do what works for you best!

However, that morning I decided I’d go for a hot shower. I said to myself I am going to be a winner today. I felt goosebumps just by visualizing my victory. I kissed my girlfriend who was ill and couldn’t go, and I was on my way. I was pumping myself up, listening to the Social Network soundtrack because I know this worked in the past. Man, I was never wired that much. I never felt so ready in my entire life.

4 weeks earlier

I was talking with my Croatian investor about this Dave McClure character. I mean, who does he think he is with his “sh*t/fu*k” language, publicly saying how other VCs are crap. I am not working with this guy even if he wanted to invest. I watched some presentations, read a few articles – last time I judged a person like that.

After pitch

Goran Duskic and Dave McClure, as you can see it was love at first sight :D

Goran Duskic and Dave McClure, as you can see it was love at first sight 😀

After all the pitches, Matija Kopic from Farmeron came running, and told me that Dave McClure is interested in WhoAPI and that he wants to sit down. Holly cow! I got goosebumps just by writing this! After having lunch with Dave I changed my opinion about him a 100%, 180 degrees. I met a guy who is totally humble, extremely smart, and insanely connected!

About 30 minutes later my world was turned upside down. Every 5 minutes I got more news, and I was running back and forward between Edi my partner, and Mihovil my investor. I found out we actually won the event, and that we had to decide on the spot if we want to take Dave’s investment and go to 500 startups. Terms were emailed, and that was that. It felt like flying a jet at Mach 5. I couldn’t believe what was happening and I had one of those out of body experiences like it was happening to someone else.

Dave McClure wants you... - Courtesy of

Dave McClure wants you… – Courtesy of

“And the winner of the GOAP eastern Europe Zagreb is WhoAPI!” said Ivan Brezak Brkan. He also said something about me being one of the biggest hustlers he knows, but everything else was sort of blurry. Some of my friends jumped out of surprise and joy, some screamed while Edi and me were getting up to walk to the podium for another out of body experience. Everybody was clapping and cheering. I don’t think I was ever more proud in my entire life. Silly things came through my mind, so I also felt relieved towards some startups in the crowd because I was mentoring them a month ago. (I wrote about it here.) I felt so relieved because they saw I wasn’t giving them crap advice about pitching and startups. I showed them that it’s not science fiction and that you could actually get funding in Croatia from an American investor. Something that was a far-fetched dream a year ago, after a string of events, became a reality.

I can’t emphasize enough what a major role CRANE and Farmeron had in this! People like Sasa Cvetojevic, Mihovil Barancic, Ivo Spigel and Matija Kopic are in many ways the driving force of the entire startup scene in Croatia. I am sure I forgot someone, especially those dedicated workers who believe in the vision that startups can flourish in Croatia!

For what was to follow, Dave McClure took the mic. He said how great the entire event was, how pitches and startups were awesome. Also, he announced that they, 500 startups, have decided to invest in WhoAPI. Again the crowd erupted.

You work so hard, for so long, for that few minutes that somehow repay every single second. Stuff I went through with both of my parents unemployed, and perhaps with no place to live if I didn’t have great friends like Nevio Vesic. There are no words that can explain what was going through my mind.

Dave with president of Croatia

Dave with president of Croatia

A week after that I think we had around 2-3 interviews per day, and every notable media in Croatia covered our story. At one point I started to turn them down because they were taking to much time. Since the president invited Dave McClure, they visited him at “his white house”. At some point, my investor was explaining to the president how WhoAPI is pronounced, and after that Dave talked with the president. Pinch me, pinch me, pinch me.

As soon as we landed in San Francisco it was all over. No one was calling us, no one here thought we were spectacular. You are in Silicon Valley baby! It was back to the trenches. You gotta love the trenches.

I don’t think that we got all this based on one pitch, but I think it played an important role. So if anyone wants me to explain the pitch please let me know.

[EDIT 22nd, August 2014] If you liked this blog post, perhaps you will like the ebook]

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