26 Fundraising Questions for Startups

26 questions I answered to get $250,000

I started my first business with my best friend with just $100 in my wallet, I even had to borrow a computer from one of my friends. After a string of events, we built the company to around 500 clients, and sold it. We then went on to raise additional $250,000 for our next business WhoAPI.

This included capital from renowned American investors including 500 Startups and Dave McClure. Inside the book you will see exactly how I got into 500 startups accelerator, and spent 4 months in Mountain View, California.

Now WhoAPI is a global business with hundreds of users on every continents including Adobe, Twitter, Wikipedia and

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26 Fundraising Questions for Startups has 170 pages spread on 5 chapters:


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I wrote the kind of book that I wished someone gave me 10 years ago, before my first startup.


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